Wander's Log

The Road Less Travelled.

This walk always used to scare me as a child.. The quiet path to the grandparents' home. They've moved on now, and that house remains dormant.. but somehow a trip to India doesn't feel complete without visiting here at least once. A place to re-live great memories. :)

Walking into the sunset

Friends walking on the Long Jetty, in Sydney.


A jam session.

Setting Duck

A lone duck swimming in the still waters of Long Jetty, in the setting sun.

Dancing in the Rain.

Water droplet falling on my hand in the rain.

Painted Skies

Purple paint strokes across the sky

Unseen Balance

Sydney CBD, perfecting their skills day after day. It's funny how even though sometimes things seem so out of balance, that is exactly how they are meant to be in that very moment.

Vivid Sydney Opera House

Looks like the Hulk might have left his mark here.

Frozen in the moment...

There's nothing that clears the mind quite as sitting and watching the rain.. Bliss. :)

Here it comes...

The beautiful high hills of Munnar, with the clouds rolling in with the land. An amazing sight. :)

Sailing The Backwaters.

Sailing out in the backwaters of Kerala, India.

Rolling Hills.

The highest tea gardens in the country, rolling green hills surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges.. This is a place of dreamlike beauty. This place is Munnar.

The Church in the Clouds..

An hour's climb up, to the church on the hills, which sits and watches over the clouds. This is a true place to meditate. :)